SSR #3

Summary Synthesis Response #3 Summary: The introduction of Sound Play by William Cheng discusses the relationship between video games and music, the similarities that they share, and the way that these two mediums can tackle real world situations in ways that other forms of media cannot. Cheng stresses the importance of gaming by saying “Play […]

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SSR #2

Justin Luna SSR #2 Summary:   Chapter 31 talks about how music was used as a weapon and as a torture device. She explains how music was used to demoralize American troops during WWII with the use of radio.“I began research on a phenomenon of the current “global war on terror” that particularly wounds me as […]

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Script Script: Introduction We explored and compared the different sounds in public places. Nature/construction To many people nature can seem like just a lot of ambient noises in the back of your head. It is one of the sounds that gets muted out in daily life, since it not something that most people go out […]

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05/28/18 Blog Post

In “Walking Through the woodlands” Karis Petty discussed the idea “all touch is vibration.” If sounds is touch, how might that expand your understanding of a soundscape? To me sound through vibration does not add a whole lot. I’ve seen it used in media as a way to add intensity or gravity to a scene […]

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