Checkpoint #3: Individual Project

The basic story that is going on at the moment has four characters, a therapist, me, a friend, and the silent man on the phone. I am going to have transitions that shoot back and forth from 3 different settings. The therapists room talking to me, my friend and i walking through a forest, and […]

Checkpoint 2: Individual Project

Most of my audio will be samples as well as my own voice acting. The software I am using is adobe premiere and audacity. In terms of research the most that I have done is look at other horror pod-casts such as the No Sleep Pod-cast and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, who’s links I will put in this blog […]

SSR #1

Justin Luna Earl Brooks ENGL 320 2/16/2018 Summary Synthesis Report #1 Summary: Chapter four of The Sonic Color Line, describes the story of Lead Belly, an African American inmate with the talent of music, and John Lomax a producer who saw the potential of lead Belly and marketed him as a negro musician to the […]

Memoir Project Proposal.

For the first project, I want to create a horror story that depicts one of my childhood fears. When I was young, I liked to answer the home phone out of curiosity. My mom told me they were always just pre-recorded ads but I loved to listen to them anyways. Once a day there was […]